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Delivering Your Brand Promise: 4 Signs a Contact Center Can Do It

May 8, 2019 | TLC Insights


Who is best at delivering your brand promise across customer channels? Though you’re the expert on your brand, an exceptional outsourced contact center is often better at bringing your message and values to life across customer contact channels. How do you go about choosing the right contact center to represent your business? We find that […]


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You’re Ready to Outsource Your Contact Center Agents! Now What?

April 22, 2019 | TLC Insights


After careful thought, you’ve decided to outsource your contact center function. You’ve identified the shortcomings of handling customer service in-house. You’ve weighed the potential ROI for your brand, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. But you’re unsure of how to guarantee a profitable and productive partnership.   In our experience, that last part isn’t too difficult […]


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How to Save Money on Remarkable Customer Experiences

April 17, 2019 | TLC Insights


Remarkable experiences lead to measurable results. It’s true! PwC found consumers will pay 8% more for phone plans, 9% more for cable subscriptions, and 14% more for hotel stays if they receive a positive experience. That’s great news for your profits, but we know you can expand margins further.   The right blend of technologies, […]


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Ignore Social Media Customer Service at Your Own Risk

April 2, 2019 | TLC Insights


As many as 80% of customers rate their experience with a company as being on par with quality products and services. When it comes to customer service, the rule of thumb has been to borrow a page from Burger King’s playbook: let consumers have it their way. In the past, that meant serving them through […]


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Want More Buyers? Revisit the Customer Acquisition Journey

March 27, 2019 | TLC Insights


If you put stock in one HBR thought piece, the future will be an ongoing customer acquisition cycle. Customer retention and loyalty will remain important, but only through the lens of a procurement mindset. Though we don’t anticipate a full-stop shift from retention to acquisition, we do suggest that businesses begin to revisit their approach […]


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How to Increase Customer Acquisition When You Have Too Many Competitors to Count

March 12, 2019 | TLC Insights


If your business operates long enough, you’ll likely reach a point where your new customer acquisition begins to slow down – and that’s not great for the bottom line. Your market is a dynamic space, and both new and firmly rooted competitors will innovate to keep customer procurement humming along.   How do you get […]


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My Contact Center Vendor Isn’t Working! What Should I Do?

February 26, 2019 | TLC Insights


Buyer’s remorse is a matter of scale. Paying for a shoddy 5-iron online stings for a little bit. Paying for poorly-executed, low-ROI services from a third-party vendor wounds much deeper. Unlike bad consumer goods, you can’t demand a full refund or simply cut your losses – especially when that vendor is entrenched in your customer […]


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Should You Quit Your Call Center Job? 3 Signs Point to Yes

February 19, 2019 | TLC Insights


At some point in time, we’ve all had a spectacularly bad day on the job. Really, you’re in good company! When those bad days become problematic is the moment they stretch into bad weeks and months – and by then it’s too late. If you want to do right for yourself and your career, take […]


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How a Media Giant Doubled Outbound Sales Acquisitions in One Year [Case Study]

February 13, 2019 | Case Studies


How a Media Giant Doubled Outbound Sales Acquisitions in One Year [Case Study] How do you increase customer share and revenue when your market is oversaturated with competitors? As consumer content options continue to multiply at an exponential rate, companies across the entertainment sector have asked that very question. Rather than accept a future filled [...]


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How to Improve Your Outbound Sales and Boost Customer Acquisition

February 5, 2019 | TLC Insights


Outbound sales is far from being a dead-end for revenue generation. Our own ongoing success with proactive sales programs is proof that effective outreach is still persuasive enough to expand business with new and existing customers faster and with a quicker turnaround than inbound sales. That being said, implementing an outstanding outbound program is no […]


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