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TLC Associates Turns Client’s Contact Center into a Profit Center

September 20, 2018 | Case Studies



A major retail brand sought to break with the status quo, laying the groundwork for a revamped approach to their business leveraging a new ecommerce platform and a new contact center partner. At its core, the shift was meant to embrace real, customer-centric care. Moving away from commodity type services, they wanted to deliver positive and memorable customer experiences while also forging an expanded profit center for their business.


The retailer made it clear in our initial conversations that rich, brand and product line training alongside holistic performance measurements were crucial to their new business approach. The executive team was laser focused on CSAT, FCR, and NPS, drawing a strong correlation between exemplary customer-centric metrics and profitability. For example, the retailer set a First Call Resolution target of 88%, requiring a 600 basis point improvement to achieve the result.


With the challenge defined, the TLC executive team knew that data was the key to solving our client’s challenge and enhancing their profitability. Our client wanted to ensure that the data was alive and capable of speaking intelligently to the business owners, providing transparency about how all facets of the business performed during and after sales and service. In this instance, we saw an opportunity to move far beyond standard contact center reporting into a visually rich business intelligence platform to strengthen data-driven decision making on an enterprise level.



Our team worked with our client to gather requirements and customized a solution to fit their exact needs. Visually striking dashboards were created to allow real-time monitoring of contact center metrics such as CSAT, FCR, and NPS. Our team met all their requirements and empowered the client to drill down into the depths of their business analytics.


Moreover, the exercise of gathering and cleansing data in the contact center was replaced with automation and self-service capabilities. Once scorecards were automated, the operations team consequently had more time to focus on coaching rather than tasks that failed to move the needle on customer satisfaction.


  • Our company automated all reporting and also created a self-service environment for queries and ad-hoc custom reports.
  • Our company intelligently presented the order in which a Team Manager needs to coach their team members, based on results and comparisons between associates.
  • Business rules within our platform provided a safety net for those situations where the outcome was not acceptable to our client or their customers.
  • Our company developed a client dashboard that measures the health of the business in real time, including CSAT scores, with drill down capabilities to singular call types.
  • Our analytics platform enabled targeted coaching by associate with drill down capabilities to the VOC for each representative, presented in concert with overall productivity and quality results.
  • Our company created a rewards program for employee engagement and recognition, tied to the most important metrics driving the client’s results.
  • Our company’s analytics platform monitors KPI performance and issues alerts proactively to focus operations dynamically in response to changing circumstances.



Our company deployed our analytics platform within 60 days and users were trained on the use of the platform and the data presented. Additionally, our company invested in educating our team on Six Sigma and data-driven decision making. After the launch of their new processes and platform:

  • Results improved dramatically within 90 days and targets were achieved.
  • Targeted coaching increased CSAT/NPS from 8.8 to 9.2 and FCR from 82% to 89%.
  • More time is spent coaching as no one needs to hunt for information.
  • Employee engagement led to an improvement in retention of critical front line resources, resulting in a 36% reduction in attrition annualized.
  • The contact center moved from a cost center to a profit center in less than one year.


Client Testimonial

“TLC Associates was the driving force behind providing my team with access to state-of-the-art dashboard reporting and metrics which allowed us to measure operational performance and customer satisfaction in real-time. Empowered with relevant data, we accelerated our efforts to provide world-class customer care and sales support, while becoming a new source of profit to the enterprise.”

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