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TLC Associates Improves Client Fulfillment & Enhances FCR by 91%


TLC Associates first partnered with a major U.S. brand in the farming & gardening space in 2013, launching our relationship with inbound customer care support to provide our client’s customers with a seamless experience. Over the next two years, TLC optimized the performance of their care program, enhancing contact center metrics, as well as CSAT and Dealer Satisfaction, through the refinement and improvement of contact center processes.


 After our initial services proved fruitful, our client approached our company in 2015 with a unique challenge: improve FCR and CSAT by enhancing their spare part fulfillment process. The existing process required our contact center to request fulfillment from a third party, but our CSRs lost visibility on the request once this happened. In addition, when mapping the customer journey, it was apparent that there were significant gaps or points of failure in the current process.


Our executive team knew that efficiency and ownership were required to solve our client’s challenge, so we focused our cohesive efforts on finding a solution.



Our team worked with our client to gather requirements, customizing our fulfillment solution to their exact needs and combining the process with our contact center procedures. TLC Associates created storage space within our contact center and took ownership of 4,000+ spare part SKUs.


After that, the entire customer process was reengineered by our team. Our customer service agents were empowered to solve customer concerns in an impactful way. Our inbound care associates took orders for spare parts which were fulfilled on-site on a same-day basis, often with express shipping. We maintained line of sight on orders and were able to keep customers informed.


  • Our company took ownership of the pick, pack, and ship processes.
  • Our company created storage and inventory management procedures for 4,000+ SKUs.
  • Our company assigned a full-time resource to fulfillment, billed labor on an hourly basis, and charged shipping costs on a pass-through basis.
  • Our company created a rewards program for employee engagement and recognition, tied to the most important metrics driving the client’s results.
  • Our company monitored KPI performance and issued alerts proactively to focus operations dynamically in response to changing circumstances.



Our company deployed these expanded fulfillment processes within 60 days and properly trained our team to completely and efficiently satisfy customers’ request for fulfillment of spare parts. After the launch of their new and improved processes:

  • Turnaround times improved by 24 to 48 hours, with parts shipped same day.
  • Real ownership of the fulfillment process was realized.
  • FCR resolution improved to 91%.
  • CSAT improved by 400 basis points.


Client Testimonial

“TLC Associates was the driving force behind providing our company with a much improved and customer-focused fulfillment process. Empowered with relevant data, we accelerated our efforts to provide world-class customer care and sales support, while really improving our service to our customers.”