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Life at TLC

Inspired by the Power to Connect


You might see a fist pump. We see power. The power of humans connecting with other humans to delight our clients, amaze their customers, and build a Company that is inspired by this power. TLC Associates is built on the premise that each client, customer, and employee contact is a huge opportunity to make a meaningful connection. For our clients, it’s their bottom line. For their customers, it’s their satisfaction. And for our employees, it’s their careers and a positive impact on the communities they call home.

Career Path


Every single person at TLC – including our senior management – started on the phones. That means we know what it takes to ensure every single position – from the frontlines to the C-suite – is rewarding.


This is a place where you get to learn about every facet of our organization – from communication to sales to customer service – from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to work alongside a great team in a competitive but fun environment. Finally, we compensate performance and strive to support you in your career growth – which means that a job on the phone today could lead to a C-suite job tomorrow.

Measuring Greatness


Leadership approval


Would encourage a friend to apply


Leaders who started on the phones

Life at TLC


TLC Associates are the heart and soul of the connection to our clients’ customers. We like to think that it’s not working, it’s simply connecting at TLC. While our teams connect with customers, they enjoy connecting with each other through creative ways that make coming to work ‘fun.’

Our global recognition program, Connecting Pays Off, allows us to reward those team members who take connecting to a whole new level. From the Connector of the Week to programs with larger bonus payouts, we strive to put smiles on the faces of those who are working hard to bring smiles to customers.

Connecting with our Communities


We wholeheartedly believe in connecting with our communities. The hands-on effort is a way for us to show how much we value the amazing charities that do so much while we connect as a team for a broader impact. Some of the charities we support are listed below, and the list is growing!

Be inspired by our power to connect.