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Ignore Social Media Customer Service at Your Own Risk

April 2, 2019 | TLC Insights


As many as 80% of customers rate their experience with a company as being on par with quality products and services. When it comes to customer service, the rule of thumb has been to borrow a page from Burger King’s playbook: let consumers have it their way. In the past, that meant serving them through the voice channel. Now, 45% of consumers embrace social as a way to ask questions, resolve issues, and leave comments. And customer care trends are shifting accordingly.


Some companies excel at listening to their consumers online. Some are attentive listeners and responders. Exceptional companies out there elevate interactions by engaging their customers. And surveys suggest it pays off.


Unfortunately, the reality is that many consumers receive inconsistent social customer care. Here are the risks your business faces by not delivering top social media customer service.


Minor Issues Go Nuclear

A bad customer experience on social can act like black mold. You start off with a single dissatisfied customer. They take to social media and post about their negative experience. And due to that person’s negative perception of your response (or lack thereof), the problem grows beyond its original severity. Though it starts as a small spot, the public indictment of your brand can aggressively spread if the customer’s grievance goes unaddressed.


How much does it matter? As many as 45% of people say their view of a brand would be more positive if the company responded to negative comments on social media. But speed influences that perception too. For 44% of Millennials and 38% of Gen X, social media responses are a must within the first hour. Since 78% of businesses are under the assumption that responding in 12 hours or less is okay, there’s a significant disconnect. We understand that one hour turnaround times can be difficult for an in-house team to achieve, but it is more than manageable for the right call center outsourcing partner.


Extra Revenue Stays on the Table

Studying the customer service tweets of major airlines and wireless providers yields interesting insight. After receiving a response, consumers are willing to pay $9 extra for airline tickets and $8 extra for their monthly wireless plan. The lesson? Responding to customers – whether their initial tweet is positive, neutral, or negative – boosts revenue.


What’s the logic here? Researchers point to our desire for empathy. When emotions are running high, consumers want to be understood. That’s why agents responding to consumers, even in situations outside of their immediate control (i.e. cancelled flights or bad call reception), creates a sense of premium service. And when customers perceive a premium, they are more willing to pay extra.


Customer Acquisition Slows

Beyond customer complaints, social media impacts the customer acquisition journey. Sprout Social finds 30% of consumers prefer social media content to inform the consideration stage. And these buyer needs typically go unmet.


With a marketing mentality at the helm, many organizations focus on awareness over consideration. Surveys show that 80% of marketers hyper-focus on awareness, which attracts people but doesn’t accelerate the sale. When organizations incorporate the perspective of their sales team or an outsourced partner with outbound and inbound sales support expertise, they are able to better engage with their consumers and improve their purchase completion.


Making the Decision to Dominate Social

We can agree that social is important. But who has dominion over the social channel: marketing or operations? There’s justification for either side but a stronger case for operations – especially if a business chooses to partner with an outsourced contact center.


In fact, the right partner can do more than deliver remarkable customer experiences. Their understanding of customer care and sales support processes increases the overall satisfaction and promoters for your business. Additionally, their technology solutions can improve your strategic impact.


For example, by using the unified communications platform Nice inContact CXone, our agents have access to a centralized database that feeds them customer valuable information. That way, we can communicate with customers in an impactful way that grows your brand loyalty, customer acquisition, and bottom line.


Want to learn more about how an outsourced partner can improve your social media customer service presence? Request an ROI calculation! We’ll show you exactly how much we can improve your customer experience.


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