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How Our Retail Customer Care Helped a Major Brand Hit KPIs & Grow

June 12, 2019 | Case Studies



A major retail brand sought to break from the status quo and revamp their customer experience. Their new end-to-end vision for retail customer care would need to accommodate seasonal volumes, 24/7 availability, and KPIs capable of improving overall service levels. Based on our reputation for exceptional outsourced customer care, the client approached TLC Associates to act as an offshore extension of their existing service unit across their chat and email channels.


The client made it clear in the initial conversations that robust training in their brand and product line was necessary to achieve holistic performance measurements. Since this was their first-time outsourcing retail care, their entire executive team was laser focused on achieving the best ROI through a seamless experience.



The TLC team started by working with our client to gather requirements, customizing our offerings to their exact needs and combining our contact center procedures with their processes. Efficiency and ownership were top priorities, so we focused our efforts on finding a cohesive solution from the start.


Over a period of few months, TLC redefined the performance benchmarks of our client’s care program, enhancing the contact center metrics, as well as CSAT, through the refinement and implementation of contact center best practices and processes. Then, we meticulously executed the plan.


We assembled an exceptional team capable of providing 24/7 coverage and support for their care program. Our Trainers, upon absorbing the client’s brand values and best practices during on-site sessions, imparted that knowledge to the team. We took ownership of the entire scheduling process and rostering of resources to ensure seamless performance from the start.


To ensure our agents were providing remarkable retail customer care, we also concentrated on outlining the right metrics. We reviewed the client’s reporting, integrated it into our dashboard, and reckoned them with our ad hoc reports to drive better KPIs and performance. Eager to pivot at a moment’s notice, we established protocols that monitored those KPIs and issued alerts that improved our dynamic response to changing volumes across channels. By learning those metrics, we determined what our employee engagement program should recognize and reward as excellence.


That’s why when the program launched, we were ready to ramp up the program to exceed customer care expectations and scale operations to meet the client’s peak season’s volume forecasting. Immediately.



Within 60 days of launch, we delivered at the expected KPIs, Service Levels and CSAT. More specifically, the work of our offshore retail customer care team achieved some major milestones for the organization:


  • Turnaround times (TAT) for chat and email improved significantly. Email TAT moved from 32 hours to 3 to 4 hours and Chat average speed of answer (ASA) improved from over 10 minutes to under 30 seconds.
  • Improvement in TAT reduced volume on telephony side of business, thus improving the service level and reducing costs.
  • The TLC team was able to provide better CSAT results than the client team within 30 days as a direct result of the focused approach towards understanding customer VOC and emphasis towards customer delight.
  • The client experienced improved customer perception towards their products and services. Earlier feedback on all sites was about deficiency in service due to response times and our team remedied those complaints.
  • TLC team shared real-time insights and customer experience feedback allowing the client to make changes for improved customer experience.


Client Testimonials

“TLC’s contribution was important to the overall success of our business from Black Friday through cyber week. Orders were over 30% higher than last year and TLC’s support across chat and email reduced the phone volume we needed to handle in-house.


Not only did they do a fantastic job of handling volume, they delivered amazing SLAs. Email response time averaged 7.42 hours compared to 38 hours last year and chat response times averaged one minute compared to nine minutes.


Our CFO thinks TLC’s India support team is doing fantastic work and our customers are getting world-class service because of TLC’s support!!”

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