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How a Media Giant Doubled Outbound Sales Acquisitions in One Year

February 13, 2019 | Case Studies



How do you increase customer share and revenue when your market is oversaturated with competitors? As consumer content options continue to multiply at an exponential rate, companies across the entertainment sector have asked that very question. Rather than accept a future filled with diminishing returns, one business decided that to increase their revenue rapidly with existing customers, they would need to enlist the help of outbound sales support experts.


From the outset, TLC Associates was one of their preferred vendor choices. Thanks to a strong preexisting relationship with our Founder and President, Thomas Cardella, and our reputation for exceptional outbound sales acquisition, the company was confident in our ability to deliver their desired ROI. Through seamless collaboration on both sides, we were able to achieve their revenue goals with current customers – and even expand their customer base.



Over the course of only a month and a half, TLC Associates scaled the outbound sales program from concept to launch. Using our extensive experience building outbound sales teams, we oversaw the training and hiring of a high-quality sales support team. We crafted an effective sales script and prepared rebuttals to overcome common customer objections. Then, we worked closely with our client’s internal stakeholders to outline the specific actionable tasks and metrics that would deliver the best ROI after launch.


At program launch, TLC Associates focused on hourly work contacting current customers to add on services. However, when the client switched the program from hourly billing to a pay-for-performance program based on installs, our team adjusted the way we managed the program. To leave no stone unturned, our internal QA team investigated install cancellations and identified the root cause to improve install rates. That helped us to increase our profitability and the amount of revenue our client was able to generate.


“One of our biggest differentiators was the tenure of our management team,” said Jason Eischeid, Director of Client Services at TLC Associates. “We grew and thrived because the majority of our program managers, center managers, and supervisors have years of outbound sales experience. Many of our competitors have less tenured leadership and come from an inbound sales background. The difference matters.”



The initial success of our outbound sales program led to the client expanding their partnership with TLC Associates. They entrusted our team with outbound sales acquisition to draw new customers to their services, the primary way in which the client generates revenue.


TLC’s outbound acquisition team far surpassed our nearest competition. From 2017 to 2018, we increased our outbound sales hours from 339,920 in 2017 to 647,208 projected hours in 2018 – leading to an almost doubling in revenue for our client.

“If there is a new acquisition project, our client gives it to us because they count on TLC to achieve the numbers and hit their goals consistently,” said Eischeid. “None of their other vendors have been able to achieve our success.”


Client Testimonial

“We appreciate the proactive approach of your agents. I want to thank your entire team for the support they have given us. It truly demonstrates why we use the word partner and not vendor to describe TLC Associates.”


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