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Our story begins with an important observation. After spending 30 years in the industry, leading two successful start-ups, and receiving an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Tom Cardella found himself questioning some core industry practices. He recognized that the quality promised by other contact centers was rarely delivered. Sure, KPIs might be achieved, but their business models neglected the very people they were working with, making a high-quality customer experience perpetually out of reach.


Within that problem, he saw an opportunity to transform the perception of the industry, and as a result, TLC Associates was founded. He committed to creating a contact center environment unlike any other. Where every person – from the customer to the client to the employees themselves – would all encounter a remarkable experience.


It’s a philosophy that we still hold true today. At the core, TLC Associates continues to be inspired by the power to connect with every client, customer, and employee. It’s here where amazing things happen. Where our CEO is involved in day-to-day functions and our goals are your goals. Where our culture is family driven and we’re vested in our employees’ success and happiness. It’s here where security, quality, and training are top-notch and optimal growth and performance are repeatedly achieved. Where every interaction is a positive one and where we’re certain, you’ll be inspired by the power to connect, too.



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