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Committed to Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences.

Customer Acquisition

In order for your business to grow,
you have to expand your customer base.
However, it is increasingly more difficult to engage with new customers due to greater competition, evolving customer expectations, and growing distrust as people become savvier. Experience has taught us that customers must trust and respect your brand before they will consider using your products or services.
Customer acquisition is built upon a foundation of trust. TLC Associates focuses on providing unrivaled customer care and advocates for you, approaching each customer interaction as an opportunity to reflect your brand promise.
Not only do we help you identify and qualify leads, but we also engage with potential customers through both inbound and outbound support in addition to managing web orders. Our support services ensure that each interaction is a positive one, delivering exceptional service as your business continues to grow.

Customer Care

Each interaction is intricately connected to the
overall customer journey and brand promise.
So, we aim to provide immediate responses and support whenever customers have questions and concerns. Our clients’ ability to meet their customers’ expectations while building personal connections is key to delivering superior customer care.
Since we place the highest priority on providing exemplary service, customer care is the driving force behind every interaction. We are committed to creating remarkable customer experiences that leave lasting impressions, encourage brand loyalty, and cultivate greater customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, TLC Associates utilizes cutting-edge technology and enhanced security to deliver exceptional service through customer care solutions, technical and online support, and self-service solutions. In an ever-changing world, we adapt to ensure you can address any problem and provide solutions to help you fulfill all of your customers’ needs.

Customer Loyalty

With such fierce competition for customers’ attention,
building brand loyalty and retaining current customers
is just as important – if not more so – than attracting new ones.
We know that customers who feel valued maintain longer relationships, and that every interaction impacts their perception and experience.
Staying engaged allows you to create greater loyalty and helps you win a customer for life. TLC Associates is here to assist you along every step of the customer journey. From welcome calls to follow-ups to post-purchase surveys, we constantly seek feedback to learn how we can better serve our clients and customers.
Furthermore, we also seek proactive engagement through Save Desks, loyalty programs, and offer marketing to create a remarkable customer experience that aligns with your brand, mission, and goals.

Technical Support

Technology is intended to make our lives easier
and business more efficient.
However, it becomes more complicated when it stops working. While dealing with technical difficulties is frustrating enough, dealing with an unresponsive technical support team makes it even worse.
Most customers dread the thought of dialing tech support when they need answers. However, TLC Associates is working to change that into another chance for a remarkable experience.
We provide simple answers, accurate information, and reliable fixes that eliminate the hassle. Our painless troubleshooting services are just part of our commitment to customer care and your bottom line.


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