Contact Center Solutions for the Energy Industry

With alternate sources of energy on the rise, the opportunity to gain market share in this growing energy market has never been greater. Customers want choices to reduce costs and their footprint on the environment.


How can a Contact Center help drive market penetration?


Meet TLC Associates, a firm committed to connecting with customers by leveraging their range and specialty of customer acquisition techniques.  TLC Associates team members have grown double-digit market share for many of their clients.  The Company’s tight management ratios, unique training techniques, and hands-on leadership drive sales and results better than any other contact center provider today.


Looking to connect with warm leads?  No problem.  Need to drive leads from the beginning of the sales process?  We got it.  TLC Associates are inspired by the power to connect at any stage of the customer acquisition process.


Let us connect on your behalf and make the world a better place.  Together.

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Reaching Your World, One Connection at a Time

The quality of your customer interactions has a very real impact on business performance.

Say hello to a contact center that can deliver better, at every single stop on the customer lifecycle:




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    As contact center specialists, we believe that every interaction you have makes an impact on someone. It’s why we’re committed to a people-first approach at every level of our business. The result? Optimal performance and remarkable customer experiences.



    TLC Increases Mortgage Lead Generation 216.7% for Client by Reshoring [Case Study]


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