Improving the Customer Experience in Healthcare Services

Improving the Customer Experience in Healthcare Services

Improving the Customer Experience in Healthcare Services

Navigating healthcare systems and services can be confusing, and we want to provide our members the professional support they need during what may be some of the most difficult periods of their lives. Therefore, TLC Associates has taken several measures to not only improve the quality of our service, but also towards improving the overall customer experience with all our healthcare services.

Understanding the People You Serve

No matter how well trained your team is, they must also demonstrate that they can connect with and understand the people they are serving. That’s why TLC is making greater efforts to understand the members we work with and put ourselves in their place. Our ultimate goal is to provide the same quality service we would want for our own families.

In order to do this, we are working with all our agents to show greater compassion and empathy while elevating the level of our customer service. We want to create a more personalized service, and place greater emphasis on these soft skills to strike a balance between empathy and efficiency.

Understanding Our Role in the Customer Journey

The customer experience is becoming increasingly more important through every interaction. Therefore, the first step towards improving our services is to help agents understand how their roles and conversations with members impact the greater picture and how they affect the customer experience with each interaction.

In some instances, our agents may often be the first human point of contact with those who are calling. And the members’ initial impression of who they are dealing with could be the make-or-break point in choosing to use our healthcare services. So in addition to offering the technical knowledge they need to perform their job, there will be a greater emphasis on teaching agents the soft skills needed to maneuver through delicate situations, especially with members who are dealing with personal hardships.

Commitment from Our Leadership in Improving Healthcare Services

Our leadership has taken a strong initiative to demonstrate that we are all committed to the same goal of providing the best experience and service possible. It all starts by hiring people with the right skills and experience and putting them in positions where they can affect change.

People have a choice in who they do business with, and they want someone who is not only easy to do business with, but sympathetic to their individual needs. We plan to use all the resources, digital tools, and soft skills training at our disposal to show our members that not only are we listening, but that we understand and are responding to their needs.

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