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How to Improve Your Outbound Sales and Boost Customer Acquisition

February 5, 2019 | TLC Insights


Outbound sales is far from being a dead-end for revenue generation. Our own ongoing success with proactive sales programs is proof that effective outreach is still persuasive enough to expand business with new and existing customers faster and with a quicker turnaround than inbound sales. That being said, implementing an outstanding outbound program is no turkey shoot.


Building a reliable revenue stream from your outbound sales support requires a strong grasp of the fundamentals and experience in bringing a thriving program to life. In our experience, these are the best-practices that enable companies to improve outbound sales and hit their revenue goals in a cost-effective way.


Build the Right Foundation

For an outbound sales program to thrive, a business needs to target the appropriate clientele and empower agents to take actions to convert those prospects into buyers. And in this case, proper planning is the key. Before a single sales interaction happens, your organization should establish the goals, KPIs, and processes that will carry the sales process from the initial approach to completion. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Goals – Climbing a mountain requires small steps along the way, and an effective outbound sales program depends on stepping-stone goals. Do you want to increase sales volumes for a particular product or service? Are you pursuing particular customer segments? Do you want to expand your upselling and cross-selling opportunities? By narrowing your focus on these types of wins, your sales initiatives become more tangible.
  • KPIs – How do you know if your program is working? Precise metrics. Unlike customer service metrics, the measure of an outbound sales program are less centered on CSAT (though it’s still important) and more on conversion rates, first call closes, and monthly sales growth. These key performance indicators help your organization temper expectations and identify when agents need further training and coaching.
  • Processes – How will your agents go about selling? The outbound sales process is much more complex than just picking up a phone and dialing a number. Agents need to know best practices around qualifying prospects, contacting them, navigating their objections, and handling sales in PCI-DSS compliant ways. Any shortcoming in these steps can decrease the success of your sales process.


Balance a Winning Script with Adaptable Agents

Even the best trapeze artists need safety nets sometimes, and a well-crafted outbound sales script provides one for your agents. The level of detail can vary between programs and organizations, but at a basic level, a sales script is an outline that guides the interaction without restricting their movements. New agents can use a script until they create their own rhythm and talking points. And if even your most experienced agents encounter unfamiliar situations or novel objections from customers, they have a resource to overcome the challenge and close the sale.

What are the pieces of a strong sales script? Though the specifics of a good script vary, the essentials are universal:

  • Elevator Pitch – Buyers can be impatient, and if your agents don’t hook them from the start, your sales goals will go unachieved. Through a strong sales script, agents have an attention-grabbing way to introduce themselves and your products or services. Your agents don’t have to close the deal – they just need to maintain interest long enough to start qualifying buyers.  
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions – Your agents’ time is valuable, and you don’t want them wasting it on prospects who aren’t ready or interested. Providing your agents with the right qualifying questions makes them more productive and can even boost their conversion rate.
  • Address Their Objections – Though you can’t predict every objection buyers might present, a good sales script can prepare agents for the most common challenges. The most effective responses draw from the pain points troubling buyers most and present answers that get to the bottom of their true motivation.
  • Encourage Next Steps – Your first interaction shouldn’t be the end of the line. Agents who are prepared to keep the momentum going have a better chance of closing the sale – whether it’s on the first contact or a follow up call down the line. Writing the most convincing calls to action within the script strengthens their ability to close the deal.


Maintain Ongoing Improvements

The right foundation is only a starting point. For an outbound sales program to remain healthy, your organization needs to steadily evolve. That requires regular coaching and training for agents, quality assurance teams to identify obstacles and present solutions, and leadership experienced enough to recognize the latest trends and integrate them into the organization. Though ongoing improvements take time and effort, they are essential to the success of your revenue funnel.


Fortunately, businesses don’t need to launch their outbound sales program from scratch. Working with the right outsourced contact center partner can help to improve outbound sales without the need to scale up sales processes, training programs, and even contact center tech. If your contact center is experienced with outbound sales acquisition, you can create a dependable stream of new customers – even as the market changes around us.


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