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You’re Ready to Outsource Your Contact Center Agents! Now What?

April 22, 2019 | TLC Insights


After careful thought, you’ve decided to outsource your contact center function. You’ve identified the shortcomings of handling customer service in-house. You’ve weighed the potential ROI for your brand, customer satisfaction, and bottom line. But you’re unsure of how to guarantee a profitable and productive partnership.


In our experience, that last part isn’t too difficult – if you make the right preparations. Here is how you can identify and implement outsourced customer support that is both remarkable and rewarding.


Define Your Goals Early

What do you want from your contact center? Is it increased sales? Higher customer satisfaction? Uninterrupted support? Greater compliance with industry regulations? Building concrete knowledge of your real objectives ensures that when your outsourced program launches, you’ll receive the maximum impact.


Now, we want to emphasize that this isn’t as simple as going with the self-professed experts. An outsourced contact center may understand a space or solutions type on paper but lack true business acumen.


Do they understand the milestones leading up to your goals? Do they understand the tangible impact of their actions? If so, be confident a contact center partner grasps your best opportunities as well as you.


Prepare for the Transition

Implementing outsourced customer support succeeds when there is executive buy-in. That means your team should not only be ready and willing to outsource, but also be prepared for the shift. Take these active steps to facilitate a smooth transition to your new partner:   


  • Be Open to an Audit – Your customer service functions are not always neat and tidy. Different aspects of customer service often spread across a variety of departments (i.e. operations handling the voice channel and marketing handling social media customer service). That is why it is crucial to collaborate with your external contact center on an audit prior to launch. That way, they can consolidate your operations and deliver unified customer service.

  • Prepare for Knowledge Transfer – The right contact center partner will be an extension of your brand and business. Yet to reach that point, members of your team need to transfer your knowledge base to your outsourced call center agents. Your partner should ask about your brand promise and purpose, the full scope of your products and solutions, your policies, frequently asked customer care questions, and more. And your team should be just as eager to share that information.

  • Pick a Single Point of Contact – Your new partner has worked to understand your goals, your operations, and your values. Because of that, their service should function at a robust level without much oversight. Pick a decision maker who understands the main challenges facing your customer service and then trust your partner to hit your deliverables. This whole process streamlines communications and lets you focus on your strengths.


Once again, the right partner will take the lead in most of these processes. They have implemented enough outsourced contact center programs to have proven steps in place. However, you should aim to contribute to the fullest of your ability. 


Evaluate Contact Centers

Who will be the right partner? Choosing the right contact center takes a systematic approach. The trick is to learn as much as you can about a vendor through a detailed request for proposal (RFP). At the end of an RFP, you should know all about a contact center’s:


  • End-to-End BPO Solutions
  • Capacity
  • Technology
  • Employee Training
  • Culture
  • Reputation
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Data Security
  • And Pricing


If you ask the right questions throughout the process, you can identify the most exceptional centers. Then, you are just an SLA away from ensuring the best ROI for your business.


Want to ask the right questions during your RFP process? Download our Checklist for Choosing the Right Outsourced Contact Center.


Download Our Buyers Checklist


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