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Do What You Do Best and Outsource the Rest: How Contact Center Outsourcing Boosts Your Business

July 1, 2019 | TLC Insights


You’ve heard the old expression: do what you do best and outsource the rest. It makes sense – hand off anything that isn’t core to your business so you can focus on what matters most. But what does that look like for your business? How do you determine which functions are not only unnecessary to keep in-house but also more effective in the hands of outsourced experts?


Why Outsource?

Nike famously outsourced the manufacturing of their shoes, bucking expectations and redefining what does and doesn’t need to remain in-house. It initially shocked people that a company would outsource the foundational product of their business, but Nike knew their core focus was not the manufacturing itself, but actually the market research, the design philosophy, and the branding that would ensure their product actually sold.


The same thought process is true in regards to any function that is customer-facing. Your customers are essential to the health and profitability of your business. As such, many organizations question why and how they could ever outsource customer care. Aren’t those interactions critical to how customers perceive your brand? Doesn’t that perception impact their loyalty and evangelism? Yes and yes, but your core focus should be on the product or service you’re delivering in the first place.


Quality is likely to suffer if your efforts are spread thin trying to manage your design, manufacturing, distribution, financials, sales, marketing, and customer care (on top of a hundred other points in the process). As a result of all this juggling, you end up guaranteeing even higher volumes of customer service calls and messages. The right outsourced partner can take that added burden out of the equation – and will wow your customers in ways you never imagined.


Below we explore more specific areas of your business that can be outsourced to a contact center so you can get back to what you do best. 


Outsource Your Customer Care

As we mentioned above, we understand why customer care may seem too valuable to outsource. These interactions are a direct reflection of your brand, making it difficult to trust in the hands of someone outside your organization. Nonetheless, a reflection of your brand is not the core focus of your business. Instead, put their overall experience in the hands of an outsourcer who knows customer care inside-out and can make it their core focus to leave them wowed.


The right outsourced customer care team will strive to take on your brand and its unique voice. With that foundation, they will build a powerful program to maximize customer satisfaction and deliver effective resolutions. They will have the experience, manpower, and vision to combine industry best practices with future-focused strategy in a way that engages your customers. None of this is impossible to do in-house, but it will require significant effort and specialized resources that you could be putting towards your products or services.


Outsource Your Outbound Sales

Generating new revenue is often seen as a core element of any business – it’s one of the most significant growth factors an organization can depend on. However, it’s still not the reason your business exists. And as your company grows, scaling your customer acquisition strategies efforts will become increasingly time-consuming, taking away from the focus on the strategy and execution behind your product or service.


Worried you’ll lose control of your outbound sales program if you outsource? That’s why it’s critical to choose the right partner. Your outsourced contact center should work closely with you to understand your evolving customer profile and long-term sales goals. From there, they can use their unique experience to create an amazing customer experience that leads to more sales. They know exactly what metrics to track and issues to investigate to continue improving your program over time. And they already have the experience it takes to effectively scale the program as you grow. Curious what that looks like in practice? Check out our Outbound Sales case study.


Outsource Your Social Media

Already outsourcing your social media function? To your marketing partner? Or keeping it in-house with your internal marketing team? These are good first steps, but treating your social media efforts as a marketing initiative isn’t always the best decision.


More than just a branding or lead generation opportunity, your online profiles and feeds are integral to your social media customer care strategy. This is an important distinction because of the fact that your social presence is, of course, public-facing – efforts that are overly focused on the brand itself instead of resolving customer concerns will always backfire, hurting the very brand you were trying to showcase. An outsourced social customer care team is expertly positioned to deliver remarkable experiences that satisfy your customers while simultaneously benefiting your brand. It’s a subtle but important shift in focus.  


Do What You Do Best… And Outsource Your Contact Center

Choosing to keep functions like customer care, social media, and outbound sales in-house may seem like a worthwhile goal at first glance – after all, you’re committed to authenticity and quality across every nook and cranny of your organization.


But the truth is that managing all those functions by yourself makes your company a jack of all trades and master of none. Cliché, yes, but true nonetheless. Outsourcing these areas of your enterprise allows you to focus on – and master – the elements of your business that matter most. 


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