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Your Guide for Understanding the Contact Center Service Level Agreement

November 13, 2019 | TLC Insights


Outsourcing is a deliberate process, one that benefits from careful consideration and cross-comparison to find the right partner. When you are in the evaluation stage, choosing the right contact center hinges upon each vendor’s response to typical exploratory questions within the RFP. Even when you’ve made your choice, you still want assurances you’ve wisely chosen an outsourced contact center partner.


The good news is closely examining your contact center service level agreement (SLA) for the right criteria can give you that confidence. 


A well-designed SLA will not only give you the details of your agreement, but it sets the stage for a high-performing outsourced program. What should you expect from this document? Our latest eBook provides you with the answers:


  • The Fundamentals – What should you expect in a contact center SLA? We introduce you to the elements of your program scope, goals, and operations that every SLA should explicitly communicate. Plus, we plot out the next steps if your partner fails to meet your expectations.
  • The Processes – Your ability to hit your desired goals depends on the mechanisms you have in place to achieve them. We highlight the nuances of a thorough SLA and how they translate into results-driven processes.
  • The KPIs – Your sales or customer service metrics should align with your overall business goals. We explore some of the key performance indicators that successful contact centers across industries share.


Once you’ve reviewed our guide, you’ll have a full understanding of how to maximize your outsourced partnership from the start, reaching your goals with less effort.


Curious to see if your outsourced contact center will deliver your desired results? Our guide to contact center service level agreements will prepare and relieve you for your outsourced partnership. 


Get Your Guide to Outsourced SLAs


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