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Our TLC Associates Team

Pamela T.

Call Center Representative


I have been with TLC for almost two and half years and have worked on two different programs, both  B2B sales. I enjoy working with my supervisors and getting the opportunity to wear several different hats for the company as a member of the Task Force and also getting the opportunity to help out with back office work. I love the people that I work for and truly feel that we are like a family. One of the more memorable moments in sales was on a B2B telecom client call. I reached out to a business and the owner objected saying she “was going to lose her business due to her mother and sister dying in another state”. I empathized and asked why she would lose her business. She would have to be gone for a few months to handle both of their estates. With our client’s service, there is an amazing mobile app to allow her to still do business no matter where she is. She wasn’t a mobile phone user but I explained how this was perfect for her and she agreed.  It felt great to be able to help her and give her a solution in a time when she needed it most.

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