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Delivering Your Brand Promise: 4 Signs a Contact Center Can Do It

May 8, 2019 | TLC Insights


Who is best at delivering your brand promise across customer channels? Though you’re the expert on your brand, an exceptional outsourced contact center is often better at bringing your message and values to life across customer contact channels. How do you go about choosing the right contact center to represent your business? We find that contact centers that demonstrate these four traits will provide you the best ROI.


They Make Learning and Knowledge Priorities

Curious companies make for the best partners. Their drive to learn makes them more adaptable and your service more satisfying. However, there also needs to be a culture of curiosity for your business to get the full effect. Otherwise, the customer experience will be inconsistent.


A drive for excellence and passion for learning should always be part of every contact center agent profile. Not only do agents need to quickly master your brand promise, but also adapt to the curveballs a life in customer service throws at them. The ability to define those qualities in job ads and spot them during the interview makes or breaks a culture of curiosity.  


Also, contact centers need a formalized way to bring agents up to speed. Requirement gathering with new clients needs to run the gamut of information around your needs, values, product and/or services, history, and long-term goals. Then, the center needs to broadcast the message using official training programs, ongoing coaching, and self-guided opportunities for more advanced agents to learn. Knowledge is dynamic and your contact center should treat it as such.


They Carry Your Brand across the Omnichannel

A good social media customer strategy is a bit of a chimera, composed of many faces but connected to the same core. In our experience, this requires both a firm understanding of the channels themselves and a client’s brand promise. For starters, the experience needs to be seamless. If your brand disproportionately prioritizes one channel over another, your brand promise will be unevenly broadcast to consumers. Still, it’s important to understand customer preferences and distribute your efforts accordingly. 


Also, there is a bit of a balancing act your contact center partner needs to achieve. Consumers expect different approaches across social media channels, though they want the same level of brand commitment. For example, interactions on Facebook can be more playful while Twitter resolutions need to be more surgical and brief. The right contact center partner will be able to identify and ride that line.


They Protect Your Brand

A brand promise is more than a lofty statement. It’s a declaration of what customers should expect from your business – and why that matters. An unspoken part of such a promise is that you will make your customers’ security and confidentiality a priority (if they feel forsaken, what good is a promise?). Since a contact center is a major contributor to that equation, they need to take that commitment seriously or risk breaking your promise!


A major part of the selection criteria for an outsourced partner is their understanding of industry specific contact center compliance. When a call center understands the complex laws and regulations governing your industry, they can act as an additional safety net preventing violations (and fines) from hurting your bottom line. That way, your customers continue to feel safe and trust in your brand promise.


For example, if you are using healthcare customer service solutions, outsourced agents should know how to protect privacy and data HIPAA and HITECH compliance. If you are using BFSI customer services solutions, agents need PCI-DSS expertise to protect consumer data and limit the possibility for harmful breaches.


For an extra layer of security, choose a contact center partner that takes the precautions to protect your customers, reputation, and brand. For example, our contact centers issue rigorous guidelines for all employees and visitors. We prohibit phones and recording devices on the call center floor, restrict outside laptops from accessing our primary network, and deter anyone from using wireless hotspots on-site. Our goal is to preclude the possibility of breaches long before they become a problem.


Their Brand Is As Defined As Yours

As Lao Tzu put it, “he who knows others is wise, he who knows himself is enlightened.” It’s a statement as true for companies as it is for people. If an organization knows their own strengths, values, and brand, they’re more likely to be successful at delivering your brand promise. The reason? They take on partnerships that, from experience and self-awareness, they know they can handle.


In fact, a partner’s company culture impacts customer experience in ways both large and small. A contact center that understands their own brand is more deliberate about their actions and more resilient about living up to their own standards.


Our own culture prioritizes putting people first and delivering extraordinary experiences at every level of our business. We hire with those goals in mind, convey the human side behind your KPIs, and empower our agents to achieve both goals. And with that guidance, they are able to deliver your message and values across every single interaction.


Want to ensure you choose a partner that prioritizes your brand promise in the contact center? Include us in your RFP! We’ll prove how we’re the right fit for your brand!


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