Bringing Experience to the Customer Journey

Bringing Experience to the Customer Journey

TLC Hires a New Healthcare Solutions Leader

TLC Associates has recently announced that Felisse Otten has been hired as the Vice President of Healthcare Services. She brings years of professional experience to the position, holding both a B.S. and M.S. in Nursing and certification as a Licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner. In addition to her extensive education, she has years of service supporting both providers and members with their insurance plans and member benefits. Her combination of skills and experience will drive new strategies to improve the quality of service we provide.

Bringing a Deeper Understanding to the Customer Journey

Due to her background, Felisse brings a unique perspective to her new role and a holistic, top-down approach to implementing superior customer service. She is intimately familiar with the struggles both members and frontline agents are dealing with. Furthermore, she has a deeper understanding of patient/member expectations, scenarios, providers, processes, and issues our teams will be facing. Her insights will provide a solid foundation for our renewed service strategies.

Investing in the Customer Experience

Everyone has different levels of the components and complexities of healthcare leadership. Therefore, TLC has placed a high priority on having someone in a leadership role who understands what they are going through. This will allow us to better adapt to meet our members’ needs and expectations, and better train our agents to do the same. 

Felisse plans to invest more in specialized training to ensure our agents are ready to deal with specific healthcare topics. The goal is to invest more time and resources in training to achieve better results and improve the experience at every interaction. However, it all starts by establishing a strong leadership presence and demonstrating a sincere commitment to not only our staff and members but to improving the entire process.


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