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Ardor Travel Technologies Partners with TLC Associates to Provide Innovative Travel Management Solution for Employees and Their Families

June 15, 2021 | TLC Insights, Press Releases



June 15th, 2021

Iowa-based BPO to support Ardor Travel Technologies clients with messaging support for an optimal customer experience.


CHICAGO, IL—Ardor Travel Technologies, a provider of travel and expense management solutions for forward-thinking companies, announced today that it has signed an agreement to deliver its solutions to TLC Associates, an Iowa-based global BPO. As part of the relationship, TLC Associates will partner with Ardor Travel’s customer success team by delivering messaging solutions on their behalf.


Ardor Travel is a subscription-based platform that uses the power of AI to fully support travel planning and expense management for organizations of all sizes. Ardor Travel defines itself as “the next generation of corporate travel” with a multi-functional platform designed to simplify every component of travel. The system is rules-based with client-driven controls that significantly increase savings by showcasing travel inventory with negotiated discounts. The client only pays for functionality that is needed and recognizes employees that hit money-saving milestones.


The agreement allows TLC team members to take advantage of the time and cost-effective power of the Ardor Travel technology, but also extends travel discounts to their families for personal use as another employee benefit. The people-focused contact center firm will also connect the system to its TLC Rewards program, contributing an additional level of recognition for those who save the firm travel expense dollars by fully capitalizing on the power of the tool.


Thomas Cardella, TLC Associates Founder and CEO, commented, “At the core of our client support model is a deep leadership connection to all of our sites, and frequent visits by me and the entire leadership team are mission-critical. The ability to have a more transparent view of the team’s travel expenses ensures more efficient processes, delivers key management reporting, and substantial savings. This is an exciting partnership that we believe will deliver near-term impact to the bottom line.”


In addition to leveraging the power of Ardor Travel’s platform, TLC Associates will support the company’s global customer success team. TLC Associates will deliver technical support and messaging services on behalf of Ardor Travel to support the firm’s growth and customer experience mindset.


Keith Lamb, CEO of Ardor Travel, said, “We are excited to welcome TLC Associates into our prestigious customer base, and equally as enthused to leverage their award-winning solutions to deliver customer experiences on our behalf. We have created a simple implementation process that uses a ‘plug and play’ model, but questions do arise. The ability to respond quickly to our global customer base in multiple languages ensures that every customer interaction will meet our high standards of satisfaction.”


Once the system is fully in use with TLC Associates, Ardor Travel plans to automate the firm’s expense reporting system, to enhance the functionality offered by the platform. TLC Associates is implementing the tool immediately and expects to realize bottom-line returns within the 3rd quarter of 2021.


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Ardor Travel Technologies takes the next step into the future of corporate and personal travel booking by offering closed-end user rates and a single platform for maximum efficiency. Fully customizable to maximize the experience and effectiveness for each individual organization, Ardor’s subscription-based platform makes each trip as simple as the touch of your fingertips. With Ardor, companies get a transparent view of their entire travel, expense, loyalty, and customer service center booking, ensuring a more efficient process, key management reporting, and significant savings. Take control of your company’s travel and expense with Ardor. For more information, visit


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