Thomas Cardella & Associates to Add 60+ Jobs in Coralville, IA

August 20th, 2014

Thomas L. Cardella & Associates to Add 60+ jobs in Coralville, Iowa

New Client Program Spurs Expansion

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, August 2014 – Thomas L. Cardella & Associates (TLCA) is adding more than 60 jobs to its Coralville, Iowa center. The expansion is driven by a new scope of work from an existing Fortune 500 client in the communications industry. With this addition, TLCA will soon be employing nearly 800 professionals in the Iowa City/ Cedar Rapids corridor alone.

“When presented with new business opportunities, we know we could place the business in a number of locations. However, we are committed to Eastern Iowa’s growth. We find that the caliber of professionals we are able to hire is exceptional in the Corridor,” stated Thomas Cardella, President.

“Our client has asked us to take on this additional business due to the very high quality of work provided by our Coralville employees. They are impressed by the professional skills and friendly demeanor of our teams– and by how much people at TLCA seemed to enjoy their jobs. With our Coralville team’s hard work, TLCA has been able to consistently deliver high customer satisfaction ratings and a very direct and positive return on our client’s investment. We are excited to be selected to grow with this client and offer more opportunities for professionals in the Corridor. ”

On behalf of Fortune 500 and mid-cap clients across many industries, TLCA offers customer service management and sales through integrated contact channels: inbound and outbound calls, email, direct mail, chat and social media.

These positions will be primarily inbound customer service professional positions, helping consumers manage their wireless phone accounts. Positions will start at $11 an hour guaranteed wage, with weekly bonuses and benefits.

For more information on these positions, please visit or call (319) 248-4200.

About Thomas L. Cardella & Associates

Thomas L. Cardella & Associates is a 100% employee-owned company, offering a unique combination of experience, and expertise in the ability to manage a variety of inbound, outbound, email and web chat programs in both the sales and service environment. Founded in April of 2007, the company has received recognitions for quality and excellence every year since its doors opened. Most recently, the company ranked on the Inc 500 list of fastest growing private US companies and was recently selected as a entrant for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 Central Midwest Award. The company has grown to four locations in the state of Iowa: Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Keokuk, and Marshalltown, and one location in El Paso, Texas, with more than 900 employees. For more information about Thomas L. Cardella & Associates or our opportunities for employment, please visit


Thomas L. Cardella, President, Thomas L. Cardella & Associates

(319) 730-4000 or

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