Outbound Call Center

With the help of the most effective dialer strategies in our call center and the latest systems from SER, we are able to make valuable predictions about your customers while providing outbound sales and telemarketing service.

These predictions allow us to:

  • Determine the most favorable calling windows and list success
  • Blend telemarketing leads
  • Distribute lists to sites for optimum results

At TLC Associates, we use predictive telemarketing dialers when there are real efficiencies to be gained. However, we prefer custom-designed algorithms with call attempt parameters. These algorithms lead to better telemarketing success rates and create less of an inconvenience for your customers.

Our call center agents’ enthusiasm and extended product knowledge will help your company build a strong rapport with your customers, leading to:

  • More generation of telemarketing revenue within your existing client base
  • Additional telemarketing opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  • Greater customer retention
  • Rewarding customer relationships

Our outbound call center specializes in the following:

  • Lead generation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Telephone account management
  • Database telemarketing management

Telemarketing is changing everyday and you need an innovative leader in the call center industry. We can help you through the telemarketing process and making sure all questions get answered. Whether you’re a small business, or large sized business we can help with your telemarketing needs. For more questions regarding our call center services contact Sales today!

Maximize your revenue per call while minimizing back-end fallout.
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