Inbound Call Center

At TLC Associates, we provide the tools and resources you need to grow your business. This includes inbound telemarketing and customer care.

We understand how customer loyalty can be strengthened or destroyed in the call center, and that’s why we go to great measures to help you enhance these relationships with inbound telemarketing.
TLC’d inbound telemarketing services can handle 24 hour high volume telephone and online programs. Calls are answered by TLC inbound telemarketing call centers all located in the United States. Our clients are the leading U.S. direct marketing companies, direct response advertising agencies, financial institutions, consumer goods companies, and telecommunications and data communications service providers. Learn more about TLC inbound telemarketing below.

Thanks to the scalability and seamlessness of our VoIP-based Avaya system, we can:

  • Maximize the value of customer interactions with inbound telemarketing
  • Deliver a consistent and personalized service, regardless of location
  • Facilitate inbound sales and customer service across single or multiple call center sites, remote locations, at-home agents, or any combination you desire

The TLC inbound telemarketing team is trained to handle customer issues and objections while helping you identify and obtain potential customers.

Ultimately, we can help your company:

  • Increase conversion rates
  • Drive down cost
  • Amplify revenue
  • Boost customer loyalty and prevent defection, with inbound telemarketing

Inbound Telemarketing – Workforce Management
The direct marketing campaigns and advertisements run by our customers will produce a high volume of calls and require immediate response. TLC utilizes proven staffing, scheduling and workforce management tools to ensure every call is properly handled. Our inbound telemarketing staff will constantly monitor call flow and make real-time adjustments to complex call projection models, providing our customers with the most cost efficient staffing and scheduling solutions.

Operations Staff- Inbound Telemarketing
TLC has developed a superior inbound telemarketing team over the years in multiple centers across the nation. It takes dedicated agents and staff to properly handle inbound sales and customer service calls. Our inbound telemarketing team understands the nature of the business and how to efficiently operate multiple programs and campaigns across centers.

Inbound Telemarketing and Innovation
Inbound telemarketing is a growing segment of every industry with the rise of internet inquiries and online mobile technology. TLCA takes staying ahead of the curve and providing its clients with advanced inbound telemarketing services very seriously.

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