Among the many multi-channel solutions we provide to enhance productivity, chat enables our agents to act as an extension of your company. Your company needs to provide multiple touches for your customers in today’s market place.

With a wide range of product knowledge under their belts, our agents can effectively:

  • Resolve customer issues
  • Handle customer objections
  • Provide technical support
  • Monitor complaints and issues on social media platforms

Furthermore, your customers won’t have to wait for someone to address their concerns in a timely manner. Our average handle time remains low, resulting in a more positive, rewarding experience for the customer.
Chat features have dramatically increased in the customer service realm in the past years. Our team at TLC Associates can provide you with a system built in house or integrate with what you’re currently using TLCA’s chat customer service solutions include:

  • Web-Site Monitoring
  • Live Support Chat
  • eCommerce Expertise
  • Help Desk and Customer Support
  • Customer Service and call centers go hand in hand. See for yourself here with this case study.

    Resolving Customer Issues
    Customer issues can spread like wild fire in today’s ever connected society. You cannot risk with an outsourced partner not to get customer issues resolved quickly and correctly.

    Customer service equals creating direct relationships. Retailers are at war with brands over direct relationships with consumers. Brand manufacturers are increasingly looking to sell direct to consumers via e-commerce sites. They no longer need to go through retailers. Brands are seeking “cradle to grave” relationships with consumers. To combat this trend, retailers need to stop being in an arms race for “likes and follows. Instead, retailers should be the ones liking their customers and prospects with effective customer service strategies.

    Recruiting and training for customer service programs is essential for success. Companies need agents who like the product or service and know the language without being taught. Hire sales associates that are like your target customers. Consumers like to buy things from people that are like them.

    TLCA’s customer service team takes pride in being an extension of the client to the customer. Building customer loyalty and building market share is what TLCA excels in providing for its clients.