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Business Process Outsourcing


TLC Associates has the competitive edge when it comes to business process outsourcing (BPO).

Our call center BPO agents are skilled at breaking through communication barriers to establish a sense of intimacy and trust with the customer. These refined skills lead to diminished handle times and an exceptional customer experience.

We can help your company identify key business processes and create efficient, streamlined processing strategies.

Our goal for our Business Process Outsourcing Team is:

    • To create revenue for your company
    • Operational excellence
    • Streamline business functions
    • Acquire business acumen
    • Provide backup for your operations
    • Provide value, passion, and reliability for the client

TLCA’s BPO services include:

    • Supply Chain BPO
    • Credit Services BPO
    • Health Administration BPO
    • Procurement BPO
    • Human Resources BPO

TLC Associates BPO’s global delivery capabilities—backed by our unparalleled support delivery network located in the Unites States—enable us to deliver consistently high levels of performance, at the scale you need. TLCA is an innovator of the BPO industry, making a real difference to the way our clients operate globally, every day. Our call center services touch the lives of millions. Contact Sales to learn more!

Why Outsourcing?
Flexibility is seen as a stage in the organizational life cycle: A company can maintain growth goals while avoiding standard business bottlenecks. BPO therefore allows firms to retain their entrepreneurial speed and agility, which they would otherwise sacrifice in order to become efficient as they expanded. It avoids a premature internal transition from its informal entrepreneurial phase to a more bureaucratic mode of operation.

Let TLCA give your company more flexibility by transforming fixed costs in to variable expenses. Your supply chain management system will become more efficient and capacity concerns will be an issue of the past.

When looking for an outsourced provider to handle your business process outsourcing needs trust is the ultimate factor. The number one threat to BPO services is a compromise on security. TLCA has been compliant with the government regulations since its opening and has never had one security breach. TLCA has a strong internal auditing system and compliance network.