Call Center Outsourcing Growth & Development

As a company, TLC Associates is always evolving to serve you better.

Part of this development process involves helping our employees become better at what they do. Our agents receive ongoing coaching and one-on-one mentoring to discuss goals and areas for improvement. They supplement this feedback with eLearning, which serves as a great tool to continually keep our agents up to speed in the call center. Additionally, agents participate in mentor training programs where they collaborate with other agents to improve their skills.

Our employees are also encouraged to participate in focus groups to help improve the programs they work with and pitch their suggestions for improving TLC Associates. They even get paid for their advice on how to better the company.

Agents who aspire to become supervisors prepare to advance in the call center via our supervisor-in-training programs. Before they progress to supervisor, employees are required to attend the TLC Associates School of Supervision, a four-level ranking process supervisors are required to complete before being promoted.