5 Lessons the Call Center Industry Can Learn From the D-Rose ACL Injury.

May 1st, 2012

The Derrick Rose injury couldn’t have happened at a worse time for the Chicago Bulls organization. The playoffs aren’t necessarily over for the Bulls, but their chances have decreased since last Saturday afternoon. Losing star agents, supervisors, management staff can also affect the chances of call centers winning (hitting kpis).

In respect to Derrick Rose and his injury let’s look at how call centers can adapt and control losing star agents.

Have an operations program that emphasizes agent development

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link” cliché but true! Operations need to be constantly looking to promote and develop agents into supervisors. This will give you the ability to fill and replace supervisors easier, and also grow programs. The supervisor is the leader of the team and when one leaves you need to be able to replace them seamlessly to maintain high program results.

Have a solid back up plan

At every level you need to have a plan that if a certain person leaves they can be replaced. This can just be a thought in your head that if agent “a” leaves then agent “b” can pick up results and the program will maintain. It is vital that in the call center industry you stay three steps ahead of the situation.

Prepare for the worst case situations

No need to be all doom and gloom but preparing for worst case scenarios is essential planning. Example: 5 people quit off a 20 person team and a freak snowstorm inhibits 5 of your workers to get to work. How does a center react? Call center variables as many of you know can be extreme at times so all companies need to have plans in place to catch up on hours, maintain performance, and learn from the situation.

Consistently hire key members to all parts of company

Some good agent comes in and applies but there isn’t a training class scheduled…who cares hire them! Never turn away good people who want to work for your call center at any level. The key to avoiding those big losses is to be deep at that position.

Proper management of key personal currently in company

Treat good employees like they should be treated and reward them. Never burn out operations staff, agents, or management personal. If an agent is doing well reward them with extra PTO, gift cards, or even better a raise. Show operations staff that they are appreciated by giving them the day off (paid) during the middle of hectic push for results. Attrition can hamper companies so take care of your employees.

So what did we learn from the Derrick Rose situation? Be proactive and plan ahead. In such an ever changing industry call centers have to stay ahead of talent staffing, and employee retention efforts all the time, or they could end up in a bind.

The TLCA Team


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